An Ethical School


We believe the world is what we make it – so we contribute positively. We are constantly improving conditions for children, our staff, the environment and the world at large. We believe in building for the future. We want the world our children will grow up in to be secure, happy and to give them endless opportunities.

We recycle as much as we can at school. We teach the children about what we recycle, and why.

We are looking at switching to a green tariff for our electricity.

We use organic ingredients for our lunches.

We believe in investing in our staff through continual professional training.

We pay our staff properly.

Sponsoring 26 children a year in the developing world

We also know how lucky we are to live in a relatively safe country with free GPs and safe drinking water. We have up to 26 children here in our nursery in Islington. To symbolise how lucky we are, our company director personally sponsors 260 children and their families every year in the developing world through the “Save the Children” charity.

A course of immunisations means that a child won’t be able to pick up something like measles. Left untreated, the very contagious measles rash spreads from the outside to the inside of the body, covering vital organs like the lungs which can end in pneumonia.
Every year, he sponsors a complete set of vaccinations for 260 children.

Using a water filter helps remove germs, reducing the chance of catching water-borne diseases like cholera. In extreme cases, cholera causes severe diarrhoea that can make a child lose 1% of their body weight in just two hours.
Every year, he sponsors the provision of water filters for 260 families

Voluntary Work

In November 2010, our director did a week’s voluntary work in an orphange in Ethiopia.

Every child, from every country, deserves the best chance in life