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What’s in a name?

There are so many ways to describe Mars Montessori Bilingual. We use the word “nursery”, because we are both a daycare and a pre-school in one.
Mars used to be called “School”, but this led some parents to think we only took children from the age of – instead of the 1+ age group we really look after!

What is Mars?

Mars is a Bilingual Montessori Nursery; we offer the richness of the Montessori teaching ethos & curriculum, offer a full bilingual environment for the children, and are open extended hours, from 8 am to 6 pm.

Naturally these longer opening hours mean we can allow plenty of free play for the children as well as the Montessori programme; a best of both worlds.

Only a few children will come from 8 till 6 every single day. Many will arrive at between 9 and 9:30, and start to leave from 4pm. However, since our price is all-inclusive and covers our full opening hours, parents benefit from the flexibility of our “day care” features, without losing the pre-school style education. Best of all, we are open nearly the whole year (47 weeks) – a blessing for many families!

What we are not:

Daycare is usually understood to be an all-day playgroup. The educational and learning content of the setting is not usually prioritised. Mars offers the same longer opening hours of daycare, but as a Montessori school, we offer so much more. One feature which daycares sometimes offer, which we do not, is a drop-in service. Instead, Mars offers a fixed place for your child, along with a key-worker who will write a weekly diary on your child’s progress.

Pre-schools are all about education, but usually follow the shorter school hours and are term-time only (with half terms thrown in also). We offer arguably more education than a pre-school, because we are open all year, but many parents appreciate that we open for longer hours and don’t close all summer!

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Originally a German word, this is how nurseries are typically called in the USA.